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Simple Administration

COBRA Software That's Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

No matter how powerful a software program is, it has to be easy to use and easy to learn or it won’t be used. All of DataPath's Administrative Systems are developed with the administrator in mind, created to make administration simple. Check out our other Health Benefit Administrative Systems.

Here are just some of the DataPath COBRA features designed to make your job easier.

  • Ability to set, at the employer level, the option of sending or not sending initial notices and/or HIPAA certificates of coverage.
  • Ability, with a single click, to reinstate coverage, undo COBRA acceptance, or undo qualifying events.
  • Built-in ability to import census information, dependent information, benefits, qualifying events, and assignment of COBRA benefits and dates for current COBRA participants. This ability can be used as a tool to convert cases from another system to DataPath COBRA.
  • Ability to report on premium distribution assignment for any given time period. The Premium Distribution Report lists the following details: participant name, check number, benefit applied to, month applied to, amount applied to fee, amount applied to premium, and amount to remit to employer/carrier —all in one easy-to-read report.
  • Online reporting of COBRA participants, qualified beneficiaries, and termed COBRA. Employers can log on and enter a qualifying event, which gets downloaded to the “Things To Do” list for your review and approval.
  • System-generated deposit slips ready to be mailed with corresponding receipt details.
  • System-generated checks to employers/carriers for receipts applied in system. System automatically retains user set fees and prints checks to appropriate parties.
  • Built-in ability to do batch reporting for multiple employers at one time.
  • Ability to assign benefits to specific employer divisions.
  • Tier Wizard for easy benefit tier setup, and to quickly create age- and sex-related tier structures.
  • Group Coverage Wizard to easily add/remove employee coverage, perform status and rate changes, and make billing adjustments … all en masse.
  • Client Participation Wizard for rapid entry of essential dates of new client’s COBRA participants, which gets downloaded to the “Things To Do” list with the new client’s required actions.