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Notifications, Letters, and Reports

COBRA Reports and Notification Letters

COBRA Notifications Ė DataPath COBRA comes equipped with all the necessary notifications and empowers you with the ability to edit/modify them to meet your specific requirements.

All notifications are personalized to the COBRA Participant/Dependent and can be customized with your company name. You also have the ability to set at the employer level whether or not you want to send Initial Notices and/or HIPAA Certificates of Coverage.

Letter and Report Customization Ė DataPath understands that one version of a letter or report will not satisfy every TPA and employer, so we built in the capability for users to customize the documents.

Because our system uses Microsoft Word, you have the ability to easily modify the letter templates at the administrator level, group level, or on an individual basis. You not only have the ability to edit your letters, but you can also create your own (and even include variable information).

You only have to perform the customization once. After that, you donít need to worry about the changes; each time you print a document, the system will remember what customization applies, and print the document so that the address will show through a #10 windowed envelope.

Or if you donít use window envelopes, the system will print labels for you.

Notifications, Letters, and Reports