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Document Warehouse

Notifications and Letters Saved to a Secure Area

The Document Warehouse takes a giant step toward the goal of a paperless office. When notices and letters are sent out, an exact copy of the document is saved – including any changes you made to the document before it is printed and mailed.

From the menu of available documents, simply select the types of notices and letters you want to be stored in the Document Warehouse. Then forget about them. When you print any of the selected documents, they will be saved automatically in the Document Warehouse. You can go back at any time to reprint or review the original documents.

The combination of the Document Warehouse and our Post Office Verification Report provides you a near-paperless system and a critical compliance safety net.

Document Warehouse
Post Office Verification Report

If you need a document later, all you do is retrieve it from the Data Warehouse. You won’t experience the frustration of having to locate the employee’s file in some filing cabinet (or box, if it’s from a previous year). You won’t even have to get up from your computer!

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Unlike some other systems on the market, there is no additional fee for the DataPath COBRA Document Warehouse. We do not sell bits and pieces of our system. Everything is included.