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Customer Testimonials

COBRA Administrator Quotes

If you’re just starting out in COBRA administration, DataPath COBRA’s simple interface and expert Support Team will have you adding groups, administering their COBRA and turning a profit in no time. Read what current DataPath clients have to say about DataPath COBRA!

  • “One of the things I have always done to enhance my revenues is to provide a package of value-added services. Not just HSA, not just FSA, not just COBRA. … I link all that together in one package. … (Most employers) don’t have anybody doing their COBRA. They say, ‘I’m so glad you do COBRA. That alone is worth the price. I don’t have to fool with it.’”

    John Bowman, The Human Resources Department, Shreveport, LA.

  • "We used to administer COBRA manually until 2001 when got (a competitor’s system). We used this system up until June 2004, and then we switched to Datapath. I cannot begin to tell you how much better the reports are in your system. The (competitor’s system) could not break the premiums down by product, amount, or month paid, and that is what the clients want. We actually lost one client due to the fact that the reports were not sufficient. For another client, we had to keep a manual spreadsheet so that we would know how much to pay each carrier per participant. This is no longer an issue because your system is able to pay the carrier and/or the employer depending on how we set up the benefits."

    "The plan setup process is much easier in DataPath’s system. (The competition) uses Sponsor and Plan instead of Carrier and Plan, and the plans do not automatically end. (The competition) allows you to accept premiums without the new rates being in the system. This was a huge problem because you may not realize that the group’s plan rates expired and nothing flags in the system that this is incorrect.”

    "The ‘Things To Do’ list in DataPath’s system is simply awesome. I can set the system to tell me “xx” days before a group’s rates expire, and it will pop up in my ‘Things To Do’ list. I can then print the open request letter in the system and send it to the client. You can always see what letters there are to print because of the ‘Things To Do’ list. You can even unprint just ONE letter in DataPath’s COBRA system. You cannot do this with (the competition’s system), where you have to unprint the entire letter set if there is an incorrect letter."

    "We also use the cash management features in the system. This way we know before a check is deposited if it is applied or not. It used to be that accounting would deposit all the checks and then the COBRA department would just post them. The accounting department would not know that a person was termed and that we should not accept their money. We no longer have a problem with having to always refund back premiums, and even if we do have to refund back premiums Datapath has found a solution for that too. You can refund premiums back to the participant from the COBRA system. In the past, the request had to be forwarded to the accounting department and would delay the whole process, not to mention the fact that the refunds were not tracked in the COBRA system."

    "I also like the fact that the Document Warehouse is part of your system and not an add-on feature like (the competition).”

    Missy Brown of Medcom from Jacksonville, FL.

  • "The functionality of the DataPath COBRA system enables our employees to quickly and accurately process qualified event notices, premium payments, refunds, and monthly client reports. This has resulted in high-quality customer satisfaction. DataPath’s customer service department is knowledgeable and friendly. They always keep us up to date on new COBRA regulations."

    Kathy Lonergan of Baystate Benefit Services, Inc. from Braintree, MA.

  • We were audited by the Department of Labor, and we came out okay because all our documents were in order. The audit had to do with the Election Notice and the wording of the Initial Payment. An individual made his Election, but he didn’t make his Initial Payment within the required 45 days. So we terminated him and sent him a Term Letter. He tried to claim that our letter was misleading and that it said something it did not. He called the Department of Labor, and they called me. I told them I’d be happy to send them a copy of everything. I faxed it over, and they said, ‘Everything is absolutely, 100% correct.'"

    "We use DataPath COBRA templates for all of our Notices. We make a couple of minor modifications here and there just for company information, never to the actual wording of the document. As far as the content, I think they are great. Each group we set up, we put their information in the headers, but that’s basically the only changes we make to the Notices."

    "Believe it or not, we used to track everything on Excel spreadsheets. All of our information was logged into the Excel spreadsheet, and we would have to go in there on a day-to-day basis and manually determine what actions to take … ‘Does this person need to be terminated? Is their payment late? Do they need a Conversion Letter?’ It was really nice when we got DPI-COBRA."

    Erin Oliver, Benefit Designs Specialists, Inc., Camp Hill, PA.

  • "After demonstrations of several other COBRA software venders last year (2004), our company’s decision to go with DataPath was based on the efficiency of the software and the interaction with other DataPath software applications that we can use in the future. The windows-based application is user friendly and makes it easy to follow the processing steps for COBRA administration."

    "DataPath keeps abreast of legislation and regulations that must be applied to the software and supplies updates as needed. The DataPath support team has been more than helpful, and goes out of their way to make sure I have a full understanding of what I am doing. They assisted us with the initial set-up to more recently assisting our IT personnel with a full import (employees and dependent demographics and benefits) for a group of 3,000 employee lives."

    "After attending a training session at DataPath for the COBRA software, it made a greater impact on how the software can be used to its fullest capacity, inclusive of Cash Management as we handle the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable side of this administration. There is a sense of pride among the DataPath company that gives you a good feeling they want to put forth their best."

    Denny Moorer, Horne Guest Insurance Agency, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

  • "The system is very user-friendly. I am a non-technical computer person, and I am able to work right through it without any problems. In fact when we hired a new person with no insurance experience at all, she was able to use the system with no problem. That tells you just how easy the system is."

    "Follow up is very easy because I get my “Things To Do” notice on a daily basis. The reports are also very easy. We also use DPI-COBRA as a cross-reference for customer service issues. Because we’ve entered all the information about the plans, we can us it as a quick reference when someone calls."

    "We also use it as a sales tool. When people find out how easy it is to take care of their COBRA, it makes life so much easier for the HR director, who is running in 15 different directions. We’ve also used it as a strong selling tool in explaining to the larger cases their responsibility of sending out Initial Notification letters. All our clients have been extremely excited about the Initial Notification letter and all the information that it contains."

    Laurie De Priest, Worldwide Benefit Solutions, Inc., St. Louis, MO.