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Welcome to DataPath COBRA

COBRA Information and COBRA Administration Software

DataPath COBRA (dpi-cobra) is the nation’s most comprehensive COBRA software for benefit administrators. COBRA is often considered a risky branch of administration to enter because of the laws governing its administration and the stiff penalties for failure to comply.

Our solution is to conquer compliance and let DataPath COBRA automate your compliance with a complete standalone platform that addresses all facets of COBRA administration and can also be an integrated component with DataPath’s complete administration solution, DataPath Suite.

If you are a benefits administrator who is ready to get into the lucrative COBRA market or if you’re looking for something more advanced than your current COBRA system, we have the ultimate solution for you. Read our customer testimonials and see why features like the Document Warehouse, Things to Do List and Events Log make DataPath COBRA the most useful COBRA admin system in the marketplace to help you maintain a cohesive workflow.

The power and flexibility of the DataPath COBRA system puts all the functions of COBRA administration right at your fingertips. Best of all, our software automatically monitors all COBRA-related events, tracks all time frames and creates reports documenting your compliance with the law.

Welcome to the all new, where you can find the latest COBRA news, rules and regulations, and helpful resources. Explore the site and experience the power of a COBRA admin system with no boundaries.

Special Update: Online COBRA Payment Service Now Available

COBRA participants now have the ability to make their payments online through DataPath's Online COBRA Payment Service. Once enabled, COBRA participants will be able to go to to make their premium payments. DataPath will then draft the participant's account. Once the payment has cleared the participant's bank, DataPath will then EFT (Electronic Funds Transfter) the funds to the TPA, along with a file via myRSCSM that will load the payments directly into their COBRA account.